Film Maker Package


As a film maker there are a number of basic agreements that you need to have in place to protect yourself as the film progresses, for example:

Hrbek Law can help you develop contracts that protect you as you make your film.  Without the proper agreements in place, your freedom to do what you want with the film will be compromised, and you may find that you do not even own all the rights in movie that you have made.  This can kill your project.  Put the legal protections in place before you invest your time, money and energy into a film production.

-  Appearance & Participant Releases
-  Agreements with talent, directors, producers, agents and partners
-  Crew Agreements
-  Location Releases
-  Script Assignments
-  Independent Contractor / Work-for-hire Agreements
-  Production Services Agreements
-  Distribution Agreements
-  Production and E&O Insurance

We can also assist with company formation and investor agreements.