Mediation & Collaborative Law

Mediation & Collaborative LawWhen a dispute arises, you have a number of choices regarding how to resolve it.  Taking your adversary to court is the most well-known route.  But there are alternative forms of dispute resolution: primarily mediation and collaborative law.  Both mediation and collaborative law can keep you out of the courtroom, and save you time, money and aggravation. 

A resolution that falls short of litigation is almost always a preferred solution for all parties.  There are a number of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) modalities.  At Hrbek Law we handle mediation and collaborative law matters.  These forms of dispute resolution apply to business and arts industry-related disputes as well as family disputes.

If you decide to use a Hrbek Law mediator to resolve your dispute, an experienced attorney mediator will work with the parties directly to help you communicate and find a satisfactory solution to the problem at hand. 

If you decide to use a Hrbek Law collaborative lawyer to resolve your dispute, the opposing party will retain a lawyer trained in collaborative law from another law firm. You and your Hrbek Law collaborative lawyer, and the other party with their independent collaborative lawyer, will all meet to try to negotiate a settlement that is as favorable as possible to all parties.  Collaborative lawyers help the parties get to the root of their underlying conflicts, leading to lasting resolutions.

When they work, mediation and collaborative law can save both parties substantial attorneys fees and other litigation costs -- both financial and emotional.