Featured Clients

PAUL NICKLEN GALLERY - SoHo Gallery / Conservation Photography. GOTHAMIST - Daily Weblog; Online News Service. NICOLA BARKER - Booker Prize Short-Listed Novelist. ROBERT FONTAINE - Screenplay Writer, Director, Actor. FORWARD COMIX - Graphic Novels. KATYA PRODUCTIONS PHOTOGRAPHY - Photographer. JOHN CANEMAKER & PEGGY STERN - Oscar-Winning Filmmakers. PMP Music Feed - Online Music Production Marketplace. THE MOBILE MEDIA LAB - Digital Strategy and Marketing. LAURA ISRAEL - Independent Filmmaker. CRISTINA VERGANO - Fine Artist. CLUSTER WALL - Online Street Art Gallery. GLADEYES FILMS - Documentary Film and Multi-Media Production Company. GALLANT ENTERTAINMENT INC. - Major League Drum Line. KORNHABER BROWN - Web Series Creators & Motion Graphics Film Production. XOCOLULA - Artisanal Chocolate Business. LARRY FINK - Fine Art Photographer. QUINN WELLS ENTERTAINMENT - TV Production Company. DARRYL KELLY - Household Cleanout Services and Art Collector. CHALICE WELL PRODUCTIONS - Documentary Filmmakers. KATHY McCABE - TV Travel Show Host. RICHARD SPITZER - Electronic Dance Music. LYNNETTE KHALFANI-COX - TV Personality, Nationally Acclaimed Finance Expert. ELI SMITH & THE DOWN HILL STRUGGLERS - Old-Time Folk Music Band. PAT-MAN STUDIOS - Animation / TV Producers. TINA CHARLES - WNBA Star, Philanthropist. UNGLUE.IT - Crowd Funding Platform. ENVIE LIFE - European Artisans Online. YORK HOUSE PRESS - Independent Book Publisher. THE ROLLING JUBILEE FUND - Initiative of OWS Strike Debt. BABY DEEDEE - Infant Wearable Blanket Designer. PROOF POSITIVE IMAGING - Commercial Photography. PETER CANNON / THUNDERBOLT - Classic Comic Book Character. MELANIE - Singer-Songwriter. JOBIE HUGHES - Novelist. DAVID GILBERT - Syndicated Cartoonist. CHANGING MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS - Change Management Services. OFF CENTER MEDIA - Documentary & Advocacy Film Production. HARLEM GOSPEL CHOIR - Gospel Choir. AMBER LEE ETTINGER, aka OBAMA GIRL - Model, Singer, Performer. JEFF GIBBS - Composer, Scorer and Film Producer. LIBBY SCHMAIS - Novelist. STEALTH PICTURES - Multi-Media Development; Film & TV Producers. BLAKE WARD - Sculptor, Art Activist. DONALD HARRISON - Saxophonist, Composer. MINA SAMUELS - Novelist; Business Writer; Non-Fiction Writer. SARAH SINGH - Independent Documentary Filmmaker. SOWETO SOLEIL - Grammy-award winning African Reggae Band. NOELLE PENRAAT - Negative Cutter for Spike Lee and other Joints. TOM CAPPADONA - Actor (Sopranos, Law & Order, Sex in the City). SKYTOWN ENTERTAINMENT - Film Production; Independent Music Label. ELIZABETH WILLIS - Singer Songwriter, Music Producer, Composer. HIDDEN DRIVER - Independent Film Company. BRENDA K. STARR - Latina Pop Singer. JONATHAN WESLEY BELL - Novelist. GREGORY ALLAN CRAMER - Interior Designer and Reality TV Show Creator.