NICOLA BARKER - Booker Prize Short-Listed Novelist.

Nicola Barker, Novelist

Nicola Barker has 15 published novel and short-story collections, and her work has been translated into some 25 languages. Her 838-page epic novel, Darkmans, was selected for the prestigious Man Booker Prize Short List in 2007.

Her most recent work is the post-post-apocalyptic novel, H(A)PPY, was released to critical acclaim in the UK in July 2017. 

Clear, a novel inspired by David Blaine's dramatic suspension over East London, was long-listed for the Booker Prize in 2004. The Yips, billed as the "most flamboyant piece of comic fiction ever to be set in Luton," was long-listed for the 2012 Booker Prize.  Many of Barker's novels are available digitally in the US through Open Road.