We have experienced mediators who provide a neutral forum for the hearing and resolution of your dispute.  Our mediators are trained to help the parties communicate with one another and help them create a resolution to their areas of disagreement.  We believe that solution arrived at by the parties is a lasting solution. 

Mediation has the added benefit of leaving the animosity at the door.  This way, when the mediation is over and the problem is solved, the parties can continue to have civil relations with one another going forward.  If at all possible, we help you find a way to avoid the long-lasting bitterness that often results from litigation.

Mediation is a private, confidential process.  Matters discussed behind the mediator's door do not leave the room.

Mediation is not for everyone.  It is best suited to those for whom it is beneficial to have an ongoing relationship with the other party.  For example:

- Divorcing couples who need to be able to co-parent long after their romantic relationship is over.
- Employers and employees seeking to retain their standing in the professional community.
- Siblings in a dispute over a parent's estate.
- Artists who disagree with a film studio, agent/manager or record label over the interpretation of a contract.

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