Employment Mediation

Mediation is ideally suited to the employment context.  Typically these disputes involve situations where a quick, amicable resolution that can retain what is left of the relationship between the parties is in the interests of both sides to the dispute.

If you are an employer:

- Concerns may arise regarding an employee or board member, and you would like to resolve the issue before it escalates.
- You may have received a letter from a former employee's attorney threatening a lawsuit and want to nip the case in the bud before a lawsuit ensues.
- You may be sued by employee you recently fired, and you may wish to resolve the matter amicable rather than resorting to litigation that could be lengthy and costly.

If you are an employee/independent contractor:

- You may be having a problem with your boss, and you want to get it resolved before it gets to the point that your job is at risk, or you have no option but to sue.
- You may have been fired and you are considering suing.  Before you do, consider mediation, as a quick amicable settlement may be preferable to a long drawn-out court case with no guarantees of success.
- It's not always about money.  Sometimes you want your job back, sometimes you want a good or neutral recommendation, sometimes you want an apology.  Mediation can help you attain these non-monetary goals, as well as getting you the compensation you deserve faster than you could get it if you were to take your boss to court.

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