How Do I Package My Film to Attract Investors and Distributors?

When presenting a concept of a film to potential investors, the filmmaker has to be sure to present the best possible package to the prospective financier.  Presentation is key, in part because it is considered a good indicator of the professionalism of the filmmaker and therefore is perceived to reflect the filmmaker's ability to get the film made. 

A well-prepared package will include as many as possible of the following elements:

1. A completed screenplay.
2. Copies of agreements demonstrating that the filmmaker has obtained the rights to, or an option over, the screenplay.
3. A synopsis, or treatment.
4. List of talent (well-known actors or directors) signed on to the film.
5. Copies of Pre-Sale Agreements.
6. Bios of all key participants.
7. Well-developed initial budget.
8. Description of any collateral that might be available to add security to the investor's investment.
9. Promotional materials relating to the film (trailer, news clips anticipating the film or profiling key participants.)