Independent Music Business


Company Formation: 

One of the first steps for a new label, management company / promoter or production services company, is to form a legal entity that is separate from you as an individual.  We will help you select the appropriate type of entity for your business, and we will prepare and file the necessary documents to make it official.

The Artist Agreement.

Whether you are an independent record label, a promoter, a producer or a manager, you need to ensure that you have the right to share in the success that you help create for the artists on your roster.  As the artist, you need to make sure that the people on your team are incentivized to stay focused on your career, and that you have an exit if reasonable milestones are not reached.

"Industry standard" is a thing of the past.  Artists, managers, labels and producers are starting to collaborate to take advantage of the many new revenue streams that are opening up and supplanting record sales as the way to make money in the music business.  All participants need to stay open minded if they want to stay in the game.  A 360-deal can be a win-win all round if drafted fairly.  Ownership of masters may no longer be the brass ring worth going to the mat for.  Media savvy marketing teams who can expertly master social networking platforms are more valuable than traditional label services in making an artist a star. 

Hrbek Law's clients have distinguished themselves as players in the music industry by adapting quickly to the exploit the newest distribution channels and licensing opportunities for their own work and for that of their artists.  We help our clients develop business models that are flexible and relevant to the music industry in 2013, and we create artist agreements that are as original as the beats that our clients are producing.