TV and Webisode Projects


Have an idea for a reality show or a sit-com?  Interested in shopping your idea or someone else's?  Planning to create a sizzle reel, a trailer, a pilot in the hope of gaining network interest?  Producing a web series?  Hrbek Law will help you figure out what you need to have in place to protect yourself, whether you are the creator, writer, producer, show runner or talent, for example:

-  Development Agreements
-  Agreements with co-producers, executive producers, agents, talent, distributors, writers, and others.

Clarity from the outset, in terms of ownership, creative control, credit and compensation, is absolutely critical to the success of any TV or webisode project.  These projects tend to be collaborative efforts, and rights and obligations get muddy.  To preserve your rights, your sanity and your relationships with other professionals, make sure you have in place well thought out agreements.  Do this before you invest your time, energy and resources into any TV or webisode series project.