Why the Time for Different is Now

We understand that our clients are experimenting with non-traditional business models. They need a lawyer who is up on the current industry trends, and who can craft documents that reflect our clients' unique brand and business philosophy.

In Entertainment:

An artist no longer needs to be picked up by a major studio, a broadcast network, a major label or a prestigious publishing company to achieve professional success.

Distribution of creative works has been democratized. Independent artists and creative companies can reach their fans directly.

Social media has made it possible to spread the word about your work, to engage people, to develop your brand.

There no longer is any "industry standard." We work with you to make up the rules that will work for your unique business model.

In Small Business:

You can access your clients online, saving a fortune in marketing expenses.

There is more of a level playing field -- potential customers can find out about your goods and services on the Internet and you can have the same visibility as much larger competitors.

Technological innovations can help you market across platforms and more effectively reach the people who will be interested in what you have to offer.

You need a lawyer who takes the time to understand your business, and helps to protect you and keeps you competitive in the digital space.