Film Distribution Agreements

Following a successful screening at a film festival, or a nomination for a prestigious award, filmmakers will find themselves bombarded with distribution proposals. With tight deadlines, you often have to make quick decisions about which of these offers to accept, and on what terms.

Our attorneys will help you understand the finer points of the deals that are on the table. We will tell you if anything is missing from the contract that would better protect your rights. We will explain how the payment terms proposed will play out in practice.

We understand the deadlines that you may be working with in this often time-sensitive industry, and the importance of helping you maintain a positive relationship with potential movie distributors.

Distribution Agreements include the following:

Theatrical Acquisition/Distribution Agreement
Certificate of Authorship
TV Distribution Agreement (domestic and international)
Home Video/VOD/DVD Licensing Agreement
Internet Licensing Agreement
Digital Distribution

Before you sign, make sure you are fully informed about the implications of entering into a film distribution agreement.

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