Independent Record Labels

More and more artists and producers are starting their own record labels. To do this right, you need to protect yourself. In addition to general business advice on company formation, insurance and other matters, you need a lawyer who has specialized knowledge of the latest developments in the music industry.

"Industry standard" is a thing of the past.  Artists, managers, labels and producers are starting to collaborate to take advantage of the many new revenue streams that are opening up and supplanting record sales as the way to make money in the music business.  All participants need to stay open minded if they want to stay in the game. 

Our clients have distinguished themselves as players in the music industry by adapting quickly to the exploit the newest distribution channels and licensing opportunities for their own work and for that of their artists.  We help our clients develop business models that are flexible and relevant to the music industry today, and we create artist agreements that are as original as the beats that our clients are producing.

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