Film & TV Contracts


Whether you are making a documentary or an animated feature, a quirky independent flick or a potential blockbuster, you need to have the right written contracts in place.  Having clear deals in place demonstrates your professionalism, and frees you to maintain a positive, creative relationship with the writers, directors, producers, talent and investors.  It is the attorney who negotiates the points of the deals that will protect the filmmaker - and the filmmaker's people - in the longer term.

Whatever your involvement in the film or TV industry, you will find yourself confronted with a contract to sign, or you will be in a position where you are expected to provide a written agreement to someone that you want on your team.

Hrbek Law will review, draft and negotiate all types of film and television agreements, including:

Development Agreement
Co-Production Agreement
Licensing Agreement
Merchandizing Agreement
Reality Show Production Deals
Cable TV and Broadcast TV Distribution Agreements
Option / Literary Purchase Agreement
Screenwriter Engagement Agreement
Talent Agreement
Actor or Television Performer Employment Agreement
Extra Agreement
Stunt Performer's Agreement
Television Host Agreement
Director Agreement
Production Services Agreement
Television Series Producer Agreement
Casting Director Employment Agreement
Crew Agreement
Location Agreement
Writer Collaboration Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Synchronization Agreement (for soundtrack)
TV Music Rights License
Composer Agreement
Sales Agent or Producer's Rep Agreement
Distribution Agreement
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