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Film & TV Contracts

Whether you are making a documentary or an animated feature, a quirky independent flick or a potential blockbuster, you need to have the right written contracts in place. Having clear deals in place demonstrates your professionalism, and frees you to maintain a positive, creative relationship with the writers, directors, producers, talent and investors.  It is the attorney who negotiates the points of the deals that will protect the filmmaker - and the filmmaker's people - in the longer term.

Whatever your involvement in the film or TV industry, you will find yourself confronted with a contract to sign, or you will be in a position where you are expected to provide a written agreement to someone that you want on your team.

HRBEKKunstler will review, draft and negotiate all types of film and television agreements, including:

  • Development Agreement
  • Co-Production Agreement
  • Licensing AgreementMerchandizing Agreement
  • Reality Show Production Deals
  • Cable TV and Broadcast TV Distribution Agreements
  • Option / Literary Purchase Agreement
  • Screenwriter Engagement AgreementTalent Agreement
  • Actor or Television Performer Employment Agreement
  • Extra AgreementStunt Performer's Agreement
  • Television Host AgreementDirector Agreement
  • Production Services Agreement
  • Television Series Producer Agreement
  • Casting Director Employment Agreement
  • Crew AgreementLocation Agreement
  • Writer Collaboration Agreement
  • Joint Venture AgreementSynchronization Agreement (for soundtrack)
  • TV Music Rights License
  • Composer Agreement
  • Sales Agent or Producer's Rep Agreement
  • Distribution Agreement

HRBEKKunstler. Where Art and Business Meet.

Client Reviews
"Deborah is smart, pragmatic and forthright" Townes, Filmmaker.
"Deborah has the unique ability to present an 'ask' in a way that is undeniably clear and justified. She has fundamentally changed the way I approach my valuation in the industry by removing the 'cringe factor' from discussions around compensation. She brings a charming touch of grace to negotiations representing my company's value and supporting its reputation while simultaneously securing fair and equitable compensation. Don, TV Producer / Showrunner.
"Deborah made a confusing and painful process understandable and linear. We could not have asked for a better lawyer." Podcast Production Team.
"Deborah makes reviewing legal documents so easy. I know she always has my best interests at heart. It's a pleasure working with her." Melissa, Executive Director of artist not-for-profit organization.
"Deborah is simply amazing. She is a master at protecting her clients. She will protect you and always have your back. I am so lucky to have found her." Warren, TV Series Writer & Creator.