Film Financing

Whether you are making a documentary or an animated feature, a quirky independent flick or a potential blockbuster, you will need to find a source of substantial funds to finance the production of the film. At Hrbek Law we help filmmakers with the many legal documents involved in financing a movie.

Whatever the budget for your project, Hrbek Law will ensure that your investment agreement:

- gets you the funds you need to see the film through to completion.
- puts in writing what the investors have promised you.

Usually the filmmaker creates a company such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Investors pay funds to your company, and the company's funds are used to finance the film. With an attorney involved from the outset, filmmakers are freed to maintain a positive, creative relationship with the investors. It is the attorney who negotiates the points of the deal that will protect the filmmaker - and the filmmaker's people - in the longer term.

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